Conditions générales de location


Thanks to manipulate caftans with the greatest possible care.
You can try up to 5 maximum caftans per person.
Remember to take pictures of your fitting not to try the dresses.
The belts being very worked, I'll personally to shut them down and remove them.
Married jewelry photos are not contractual.


Un acompte de 50% en espèces sera exigé pour chaque réservation.
L'acompte ou le solde de la location sont non remboursables et non déductibles d'autres locations en cas d'annulation et ce peut-importe le délais ou le motif de rétractation.


A deposit check (with the corresponding ID) will be required when rents withdrawn and returned to the return of the items.
Withdrawal: Friday 15-20 h
Due to a large number of outstanding payments, cheque payments less than 100 are no longer accepted.
All invited jewelry broken or lost will be charged €10
All torn, burned, torn or extremely stained caftan on his return will be charged at the original price. Our caftans are outfits of pageantry, they are not intended to make the service during your receptions.
It is strictly forbidden to put pins on caftans.
Hangers and covers in which caftans are delivered to you must be returned. They will be charged to you otherwise (€ 5 per hangers) and € 10 per cover
The client accepts that the rented dresses can be used and have suffered minimal damage.
A record of rental and a State of the art of rental items will be established for each service.


Caftans are to be returned by hand to the Showroom.
Caftans are to return Monday between 18: 00 and 20: 00. No exceptions will be made. A penalty of € 20 per dress per day late will be applied in the event of non-compliance. The laundry is our responsibility.

Avec votre chèque de caution, vous acceptez les conditions générales de location. Nous restons à votre disposition pour vous conseiller et vous aider à trouver la tenue parfaite pour votre soirée.